Chronicle of the Empire of Jesus Christ


The Lord gave the vision for  "The Empire of Jesus Christ" approximately 2 - 3 years before it came into fruition. Evg. Talitha Cumi, became the Pastor of "The Empire of Jesus Christ", a non-denominational church, and was licensed in April of 1995 by Pastor and Overseer Solomon Wooden, Jr. of the Goodwill Baptist Church in Hampton, Virginia.

She was ordained in March of 1996 by the same. In October of 1995, the Lord opened the doors for the first time in Brooklyn, New York for "The Empire of Jesus Christ" to begin holding services, while also opening doors for the television ministry entitled "From The Heart", to come forth. In September of 1996 "The Empire of Jesus Christ" received it's 501C3 status as a church, and began it's journey of shepherding God's sheep.

After 2 years in Brooklyn, in October of 1997 "The Empire of Jesus Christ" left the Brooklyn area and began to focus exclusively on the television ministry, appearing throughout all the boroughs in New York, in January of 2000, the Lord opened another door to house "The Empire of Jesus Christ" in the Harlem area of Manhattan, New York where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached weekly.

After a year of faithful ministry, in January of 2001 the Lord spoke and mandated Pastor Talitha Cumi to return to her calling as an Evangelist to evangelize the world which is what she's done, as signs and wonders follow as we continue to obey God and enjoy the journey.  Thus, THE EMPIRE OF JESUS CHRIST WORLD EVANGELISM was born.